The U.S. Navy selected Lockheed Martin and the company’s COMBATSS-21 as the combat-management system for Navy frigates, awarding a contract worth as much as $79.5 million for fiscal years 2016 through 2021. COMBATSS-21—the open-architecture combat-management system deployed on cruisers, destroyers, and littoral combat ships—will now also be deployed on Navy frigates.

COMBATSS-21, an abbreviation for COMponent-BAsed Total-Ship System-21(st century), is built from Aegis Common Source Library (CSL) code. It has a framework similar to Aegis Baseline 9 software developed for the Aegis cruiser and destroyer ships, Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), and U.S. Coast Guard national security cutters.

Rich Calabrese, director of mission systems at Lockheed Martin, says that using the CSL code is both efficient and cost-effective: “Using the CSL enhances lifecycle affordability by reducing costs for integration, test, and certification—and delivers an open combat system architecture in line with the Navy’s objective architecture, driving affordability and increasing interoperability across the entire fleet.” This shared use of the CSL code makes it possible for combat ships to quickly integrate new capabilities, incorporating new sensors and weapons in response to new threats.