TE Connectivity Ltd. developed Raychem matched-impedance splices that solve the problem of removing and replacing damaged coaxial cables for aerospace applications while in use. The splices, which comply with MIL-PRF-32517, help maintain the characteristic impedance of the repaired cables and systems.

According to Janeann Avants, product manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE Connectivity, “Raychem matched-impedance splices reduce the time and effort needed for repairs and lessen the number of cables that need to be replaced.”

The matched-impedance splices are designed for both military and commercial aerospace applications. They can handle wide temperature extremes, high shock and vibration, and corrosive environments. A splice contains three components: a hexagonal crimp barrel for the center conductors, a dielectric shell that helps maintain cable geometry for impedance control, and a heat-shrinkable SolderShield splice that both terminates the cable’s shield and provides sealing to protect the splice environmentally.

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