Model LTC3115-1 is a synchronous buck-boost converter that delivers up to 2 A continuous output current from a wide range of power sources. It can be used across an input and output voltage range of 2.7 to 40.0 V and provides a continuous, jitter-free transition between buck and boost modes, making it ideal for RF and other noise-sensitive applications that must maintain a low-noise constant output voltage with a variable input power source. The converter includes a high-temperature H-grade for use from -40 to +150°C and a high-reliability MP grade for use from -55 to +150°C, encased in a 20-lead thermally enhanced TSSOP package. The converter provides efficiency to 95% for extended run times in battery-powered systems. Its switching frequency is user-programmable between 100 kHz and 2 MHz, and can be synchronized to an external clock.

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