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K&L Microwave
Bandpass Filter Screens 0.7 to 6.0 GHz 2
A digitally tunable filter provides adjustable passbands from 0.7 to 6.0 GHz.
Synergy Microwave
Frequency Synthesizer Tunes 3 to 6 GHz
A compact frequency synthesizer combines multiple source techniques for excellent spectral purity from 3 to 6 GHz.
Pasternack Enterprises Inc.
Frequency Dividers Tackle 0.5 to 18.0 GHz
A line of high-reliability frequency dividers has been developed for applications from 0.5 to 18.0 GHz in different division configurations.
Triad RF Systems
Amplifier Boosts Forward and Backward 1
A bidirectional solid-state amplifier provides 3 W output power from 30 to 3,000 MHz in a compact housing.
Coupler Passes DC, Power Levels to 200 W
A bidirectional coupler can channel 200 W power from 225 to 450 MHz.
C-17 aircraft
Rockwell Collins Demonstrates Wideband HF from Airborne C-17 1
A complex air-to-ground data link was performed from an airborne C-17 aircraft to a ground station using wideband high-frequency (WBHF) technology.
Strong Growth Expected for Military Aerostat Markets 2
Strong growth is expected in markets for military aerostat systems, including UAVs and UGVs, over the next 10 years.
Navy Picks Lockheed Martin for Frigate Combat Management
The Aegis CSL code has been adapted for use in the COMBATSS-21 system.
Sidewinder missile test
Sidewinder Missile Tests Hit the Mark
Testing verified the effectiveness and reliability on aircraft communications to, and control of, AIM-9X Block I Sidewinder missiles.
R&S scanner
German Security Relies on R&S Scanner
Security scanners based on millimeter-wave signals at 70 and 80 GHz will be used for security at German airports.
Deciding on DSPs and FPGAs for EW
DSPs and FPGAs are two of the key components recruited for signal-processing chores in defense electronics systems.
Radar Technology Continues to Advance 1
Markets for military radar systems continue to grow, as radar emitters are increasingly designed around GaN solid-state amplification.
Radar Embraces Remote Control
Radar technology is teaming with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to provide remote vision for military surveillance.
Matched-Impedance Splices Save Aerospace Cables 2
A matched-impedance splice allows in situ replacement of coaxial cables in aerospace applications.
The SharpEye system
Radar Technology Tightens Border Patrol 4
A radar-based system helps monitor border crossings between countries.